The holy shrine of Laal Shahbaz Qalandar - Sehwan Sharif in Sindh, Pakistan. This is Fanna-fi-Allah's tribute to Laal Shabaz Qalandar - filmed at the shrine in 2014

Farsi Nat Sharif Qawwali (by Maulana Rumi) @ the dargah of Hazrat Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Khaki in Mehroli Delhi. 

Our heartfelt tribute to the qawwali great Ustad Amjad Sabri 1976-2016.

Live at the World Sacred Spirit Fest 2016 in Jodhpur Fort with special guests from Ajmer, Ustad Zakir & Zaki Ali 

Qawwali Tawheed written by Muhammad Iqbal performed live at the Nevada Theatre 2015 with the great Ustad Dildar Hussain on second harmonium. 

PROMO REEL 2016 for Fanna-Fi-Allah

Journey through Pakistan with the Queen of sufi music Abida Parveen & Fanna-Fi-Allah

The long trailer for our upcoming feature film on Qawwali which is the first comprehensive movie to covers all important aspects of this beautiful spiritual music tradition from Pakistan & India. Featuring music & interviews from all of the greatest qawwali masters & poets.