UK tour underway....Paris & Morocco too!

Fanna-Fi-Allah are currently on tour in the UK and have been incredibly supported by audiences. 

London media site "Funoon London" published this article ("Fanna-Fi-Allah Qawwals: Of Love & Persistence" to announce the London shows:

Next up will be Morocco and Paris. See Tour Dates for more information



Dargah of Lal Shabbaz Qalander

Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi have been saddened and enraged to hear the news of the recent suicide bombing that killed 88+ in prayer at the glorious shrine of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander(R.A)|(حضرت لعل شہباز قلندر (رح.
It is difficult to understand how far these terrorists can drift away from love & reverence for life. 
If the radiant spirit of Jhoole Lal can turn even us distant wanderers into his deevanis ( lovers ), than no amount of violence could ever destroy his memory & universal love.
Bolo Bolo Sakhi Lal Qalandar Maaaaaaast - علی۴ علی۴ !!!
Sending prayers to all the families in Shewan who are grieving in this time.