2016 - A huge year for Qawwali

2016 saw Fanna-Fi-Allah touring through India, Pakistan, the UK, Canada and America. They began with a successful tour in India through February 2016 including concerts in Rajasthan (World Sufi Spirit Festival), Delhi (Sufi Festival, Nizamuddin & the Islamic Cultural Centre), Bhopal (Taali Ho Festival ) & Mumbai (incl. Dargah Haji Ali).
In May 2016 Fanna-fi-Allah toured throughout the UK, hosted by 'Qalandar Arts' and 'Love & Etiquitte'. They performed to sold-out audiences in London,  Glasgow,  Burnley,  Bradford, Birmingham and Luton. They also performed lived on BBC radio Manchester. 
Qawwali music was brought to audiences throughout the USA and Canada, June to November. Highlights included shows at the Skirball Cultural Centre (LA), Aga Khan Museum (Toronto), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago) and a concert at the Lincoln Memorial (Washington DC).